Sunday, June 5, 2016



Both pieces are in paint so it makes it easier to compare. The unicorn one was with a Q-Tip and the cat one was with a brush. I struggle with acrylic paint in general but the unicorn was just bad. I learned I should just let the kindergarteners handle the Q-Tip art. I also struggle with trying not to rage with paints. I'd always find a butt load of mistakes on my paints so I would just give up on trying to fix them because it causes bigger problems. I would probably never do painting by choice.

2) My strengths would be cartoonish anime style in traditional styles and my weaknesses would probably be realism. All I can do to keep improving would be to keep practicing and maybe watch some youtube videos or something to help me keep the boat moving.


I struggled with this piece because I don't do digital art very often. I don't know how to work a lot of programs and I don't know how to work the colours very well too like 'what kind of shades should I use?' or something like that. Digital art is pretty confusing for me in general but I can do a decent job if I put my mind to it. The program I use doesn't have much to it so only so much can be done to it. I think the piece works though it just isn't what I could've done. I'd probably have more ideas on how to actually fix this piece though. My colouring sucks.


My favourite piece would have to be the last one I made. It was in coloured pencil and its nice and big and I think I did pretty darn good. It has nice colours and I think I did pretty good on the skin. I think this piece says I can only use coloured pencil and I can't do any other mediums (Because that's right, spot on ;D). I think it's better because I never do anything huge so this was my first bigger piece of art and it still came out better than sketchbook pieces. I think the style and shading made it good. Also, the fact that I actually did foreshortening was a plus. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Unit 3

What is kool?
kool is obviously cool
this hat is kool

this is cool too
kool is cooler than cool
so its only cool
k is cooler because its different and kids like different and kids starts with k and k means kidz rule da world 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Unit 2

It's not good but I decided to digitalization her
An assassin said to have hair of fire 
As she kills, her blades drink the blood of her enemies 
She burns a path toward her own victory 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Unit 1

My attempts at painting stuff 

Painting tree 
Using paint and a Q tip